Personal Chef

Chef Maezaki serves you a special dining course AT YOUR OWN VENUE. From authentic Sushi Omakase dinner through Angus beef Fillet Mignon steak delight, we have so many options to offer for your special event!

~Private Dining Experience service~

(including all fees except Chef Delivery Fee and California Sales Tax)


*price for private dining experience vary depending on the number of guest.


$200 per person with minimum 4 guests

($240 per person with 2 guests)

This price is for the private dining experience and you can build and customize your own course with freshest ingredients.

Specialized Catering

Chef Maezaki offers both on-site catering service and drop-off food delivering service.  you can enjoy freshest SUSHI and ROLLs at your memorable event like wedding party! Of course, you can build your own menus and customize your special event. 


on-site chef service fee ($200 per chef) will be added on your catering menu's total price.

( usually, we provide 1 on-site chef for the party of less than 10 guests, 2 chefs for 10~30 guests. )

Private Cooking Class

Chef Maezaki is a travel chef in greater Los Angeles and Orange county area. We offer PRIVATE SUSHI COOKING CLASS AT YOUR OWN VENUE. From romantic private class for birthday night through fun group home party style, you can make your own cooking class event with freshest ingredients in the city!


~Private Sushi Class~

(including all fees except Chef Delivery Fee)

$200 per person with minimum 2 guests

This price is for high end private sushi class with a variety of fishes. You can learn how to make Nigiri Sushi and Roll all from scratch at your own kitchen! Yes, fishes are mostly from Japan!!!

Web Promotion Class!!!

~Easy Going Sushi Roll Class~

(including all fees except Chef Delivery Fee and California Sales Tax)

$90 per person with minimum 6 guests ( limited day, only Monday to Wednesday) 


*This price is for casual Sushi Roll work shop for group of more than 6 people. you can enjoy making sushi rolls at your own kitchen! ( 3 rolls for each guest)