Steamed Rice

*Regular White Rice (Medium or Short Grain)

..... 3 Cups (uncooked)


..... about 3 Cups, first measure just 3 cups (1:1 rice and water ratio) then take 3 tbsp(45ml) of water out of pot to cook rice little firmer for sushi rice. 

Sushi Seasonings 

---This recipe is for 3 cup of uncooked rice to make sushi rice---


*Rice Wine Vinegar

.....1/2 Cup

*Sea Salt (any salt works)

.....1 tbsp

*Regular Cane Sugar ( any sugar works)

.....4 tbsp

!!!Fine salt and sugar are better than coarse products to use for sushi seasonings to dissolve in vinegar quickly.

Sushi Rice


1. Mix Steamed Rice and Sushi Seasonings right after cooking rice done.

2. Cut Rice while mixing rice and sushi seasonings to break chunks to avoid making clumpy part of rice.

Ponzu Sauce

*Rice Wine Vinegar

.....2 tbsp

*Lemon or Yuzu Juice

.....1 tbsp

*Soy Sauce

..... 1 tbsp

~You can add Sriracha to make SPICY PONZU SAUCE!!!~

Spicy Mayonnaise



.....2 tbsp


.....1 tbsp

*Sesame Oil

..... 1 tbsp

*Nanami(Shichimi) Togarashi

.....Sprinkle as much as you like