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The Top 5 Affordable Catering Services in Los Angeles

affordable catering los angeles

Los Angeles is known for its fabulous food scene, but finding an affordable caterer in Los Angeles for your next event can be tricky. With a city full of celebrity chefs and trendy restaurants, catering costs can quickly skyrocket. However, there are some hidden gems offering delicious food at budget-friendly prices throughout LA. Whether planning a birthday party, corporate luncheon or wedding reception, these five are the best catering services if you're looking for affordable catering Los Angeles, and can provide quality cuisine your guests will love without breaking the bank.

For incredible Mexican food starting at just $14 per plate, The Lime Truck is a top pick for affordable catering in LA. This food truck style caterer brings all the authentic flavors of California and Mexico to your event with dishes like street tacos, customizable salad jars, truffle fries, sliders and more. With fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, their menu puts a unique spin on classic comfort foods. The Lime Truck offers full service catering for events both large and small. Their innovative dishes and customizable menus make them a great choice for celebrations with a modern, west coast vibe. The friendly staff ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish. To bring a taste of LA food truck culture to your next gathering on a budget, The Lime Truck delivers.

For mouthwatering Texas-style barbecue, Horse Thief BBQ brings authentic slow-smoked meats and flavors to your Los Angeles event. Their catering packages feature specialties like brisket, ribs, pulled pork, smoked sausage and all the classic sides at affordable rates.. With their on-site smokers, Horse Thief BBQ provides an authentic barbecue experience with tender, juicy meats, tangy sauces, and perfect sides. They offer flexible catering services to accommodate events from backyard gatherings to large-scale weddings. Horse Thief BBQ stays true to traditional Texas barbecue methods with quality meats smoked to perfection over Texas oak. Their experienced catering team will make planning, setup and service smooth and enjoyable. For incredible finger-lickin’ barbecue in LA, Horse Thief BBQ won't disappoint.

No list of LA full-service catering and event would be complete without the legendary Kogi BBQ food truck. Kogi revolutionized the food truck scene with their Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine. Now you can bring their famous dishes like short rib tacos, kimchi quesadillas, and Kogi sliders to your next event. Their catering platter captures the bold flavors that made them famous. Kogi BBQ brings the full outdoor setup including tables, chairs, plates, utensils and trash cans for a seamless experience. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, office picnic or backyard bash, Kogi's playful twists on classic tacos and barbecue make catering creative, fun and hassle-free. Your guests will love the vibrant tastes of LA street food from this iconic eatery.

For innovative sushi, Japanese food catering, and dishes on a budget, check out Chef Maezaki's CM Ghost Kitchen, the best catering services in and near Los Angeles. This delivery-only operation based in the Los Angeles area offers high quality cuisine for affordable per person prices and a bargain-friendly The menu features sushi rolls, ramen bowls, donburi rice dishes, teppanyaki entrees and more. With experience as a sushi chef in top LA restaurants, Chef Maezaki brings expert skills to his kitchen operation. The food is prepared fresh to order and delivered directly to your event, be it wedding catering, corporate event catering, or just a requirement for top-notch food and service. Menu personalization and custom sushi rolls are also available. For those craving offerings beyond traditional catering fare, Chef Maezaki provides delicious variety at affordable rates. Orders can be placed online for delivery catering in Los Angeles (and throughout most of Southern California) tailored exactly to your event size and needs.

For delicious homestyle Southern cooking, Just Soul Catering brings comfort classics to events across LA. Their menu features favorites like baked mac & cheese, candied yams, fried chicken, collard greens, oxtail stew, jerk chicken and more. With portions tailored to your needs, their affordable pricing starts at just $10 per person. Just Soul Catering specializes in American Southern and Caribbean soul food made from family recipes passed down through generations. Their experienced team handles event execution from start to finish. Whether planning an office party or backyard barbecue, Just Soul Catering delivers big, bold flavors rooted in tradition and culture. Your guests will love the opportunity to enjoy authentic, lovingly-prepared soul food perfect for bringing people together.

Whether planning a backyard bash, corporate lunch, or big celebration, these five affordable caterers prove you can serve fantastic food on any budget. Check out these full service catering options with customized menus to make your next event delicious and budget-friendly. Great food is within reach! If planning an event in LA, give these affordable caterers a try! Their tasty food will satisfy your guests without breaking the bank.

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